Cyclone Αισθητήρας Παρκαρίσματος με Αναδιπλούμενη Οθόνη

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Αισθητήρας παρκαρίσματος με αυτόματα ανοιγοκλειόμενη οθόνη
Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά eless Parking sensor With Colorful Flip LCD Screen : Flip open of Screen with full color to display distance of Rear obstacle , when car Reversing; 4 Sensors will self check when system is on , any abnormal of the sensors will be displayed; Full Angle Colorful LCD display,Digit Color is Changable ; Detecting Rang from 0.3 M - 2.5 M. with precision display up to 0.01M ; Wireless transmit saves 70% installing time; Meter and Inch Unit are alternative.

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